Worship & AV

Make a joyful noise

At Fellowship we strive to use our creative gifts for the glory of God and the building up of the church, and we want to create a place where people are encouraged to do the same.

Whether it be through visual art, music, or production work, there are many opportunities for you to get involved with our Worship and AV team at Fellowship.


Message from Pastor Ed

 I am privileged to have a shepherding role over the music of our congregation. Before my role here at fellowship, I was also privileged to be in senior shepherding roles for years previous. I believe this helps me bring a well-rounded perspective to the table other than “just music” so to say. The closest thing to the Word of God from a spiritual standpoint is music, and music is a universal language, able to cross any human barriers. Thus, music at its core is unifying, and should never be dividing. The body of Christ come’s first therefore over any personal musical preference; God has been inspiring music in His church since the beginning, and will continue to do so! 


Likewise, in our congregation we have the very young to the very aged, from all walks of life, and at different seasons of life. In order to fulfill God’s will for love, unity, and considering others over self, it is our chief joy to honor and facilitate our spiritual journey’s, past, present, and even future. We sing the hymns, various choruses, the latest contemporary, and all the in between! We even have original worship music from our own team. It is a great joy to see the faces and hearts of God’s people from across the spectrum when they know they are loved in such a “musical manner”.